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          (Finalist for a Bram Stoker Award, 2017)

          (Im Finsteren Eis -- Germany)


          (Mountain Home: Wie ein blutiger Tanz der Rache -- Germany)

          (Assedio -- Italy)




     HOW WE BROKE (w/ Paul Michael Anderson)




     13 VIEWS OF THE SUICIDE WOODS (reissued 2022)



     Mouse and Owl

     A Short Madness

     A Narrative Concerning The Trial of Abigail Pierce for Witchcraft                    Published to Prevent False Reports: A Fable


  • Nullification

  • Khatam

  • Conscience of a Camera⛧

  • Leave Here Alone

  • Ivy’s Secret Origin

  • Lydia Loses Her Car⛧

  • The Most Incredible Thing

  • Some Other Time⸸

  • Dogman

  • Pure Blood and Evergreen⸸

  • Mine, Not Yours⸸

  • Cuidad de los Niños⸸

  • Can I Whisper It?

  • Sky Burial

  • No One Stays Dead

  • Blood of the Vine⸸

  • Thirteen Views of the Suicide Woods⸸

  • Morgenstern’s Last Act⸸

  • Reminisce⸸

  • The Texas Chainsaw Breakfast Club or I Don’t Like Mondays⸸

  • Halloween On… (w/ John Boden)⛧

  • Gold Teeth

  • Something I Said? ⸸

  • The Blood and the Body⸸

  • Looking for the Death Trick⸸

  • Swan Song (a.k.a. Final Encore)⛧

  • In the Bones⸸

  • Know All Men by These Present

  • Wish List

  • A Great Place to Raise Kids

  • Blood Makes the Grass Grow⸸

  • Still Day: A Reflection⸸

  • The Boy Who Dreamt He Was a Bat⸸

  • All Dreams Die in the Morning⸸

  • This Last Little Piece of Darkness⸸

  • She Dreams of Ghosts and Shadows

  • Reprising Her Role

    • (Included in Year's Best Hardcore Horror, Vol. 3)​

  • Leave Here Alive⛧ 

  • Lost Boy

  • Extinction Therapy

    • (Finalist for a Splatterpunk Award,​ 2018)

  • Lying in the Sun on a Fairy Tale Day

  • Pigs Don't Squeal in Tigertown

  • Back Seat 

    • (Finalist for a Shirley Jackson Award,​ 2019)​

  • The Loneliness of Not Being Haunted

  • Not Eradicated In You

  • No One Who Runs Is Innocent

  • Write What you Know

  • The House at Black Church Corner

  • Yesterday's Myths are Tomorrow's Gods*

  • The Girl in the Pool

  • Weightless Before She Falls

  • Gutted

    • (Finalist for a Splatterpunk Award,​ 2023)​

  • Ārdeō*

  • Dreamers*

⸸ Collected in 13 Views of the Suicide Woods

⸸ New to the Reissued 13 Views of the Suicide Woods

⛧ Collected in White Knight and Other Pawns

* Forthcoming

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